There are many ways to support our cause…

First we would like to say thanks for wanting to support

There are plenty of ways to help…

  • Be a ROCK star! Sponsoring the UP Festival is like being the star of the show. The show couldn’t go on without you! Sponsors will make ROCK FOR CHOP events possible now and in the future. Sponsor our UP Festival for the opportunity to reach a dynamic range of individuals aiming to make a direct impact on society. If you would like to become a sponsor, please click here for a sponsorship form or email Cholly Kenney or Brendon Murphy.
  • Be a roadie! Roadies are the backbone of the show. Being a volunteer for our UP Festival is no different. We need people to help us run this event and make sure everything goes according to plan. If you would like to volunteer your time, please email Julie Rossley.
  • Donate merch! A great event needs great merchandise. Donate silent auction items for our UP Festival and help people remember this event long after they leave. If you own a business or are a boutique crafter this is the perfect chance for you to show people what you can offer. If you have items to donate, please email
  • Be a promoter! Promoters are the most influential component for getting people to a show (in our case an event, the UP Festival). Support our cause by being part of the grass roots street crew that gets the word out. Help spread the word about ROCK FOR CHOP and the first ever UP Festival by sharing us on with the facebook world or in real life conversations with your friends.
  • Make a Donation! Help ROCK FOR CHOP grow and continue to amplify Down syndrome awareness. Make a secure donation online by clicking here.
  • Be open minded in your daily interactions with others and understand that people with Down syndrome are very similar to everyone else.


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