Story #9 – “Kara”

Lunch and recess, two of any 1st graders favorite things in school. Kara Kenney, daughter of ROCK FOR CHOP founder Cholly Kenney, recently began school as a fully integrated 1st grader. NBC10 Philadelphia News ran coverage of Kara’s story which highlights her acceptance into a fully inclusive 1st grade program at a local Philadelphia area elementary school and proof as to how similar we all are. One of the first students with Down syndrome to be mainstreamed into her school, Kara faces the same struggles that any normal 1st grader faces. She is growing tremendously and she is a beacon of hope for all individuals who have Down syndrome or raise loved ones born with Trisomy 21. “Don’t look at the diagnosis, look at her as a child and just a child.” Watch the full video at NBC10 Philadelphia.

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