Story #5 – “Logan”

Ray and I had been married for 5 years and our daughter Kayla was almost 2 years old in December of 2000 when Logan was born.  I had a normal pregnancy for me, Logan was born at 35 weeks but for me this was normal as Kayla was also born at 35 weeks.  He had some mild jaundice but was happy and healthy.  When we left the hospital 3 days later with our little bundle, they had told us they wanted to do some genetic testing.  The nurses had picked up some minor traits of Down syndrome but it would take 7 days to get the blood test back to confirm.  We received the call on Christmas eve eve (Dec. 23) that they had counted and confirmed Logan had Trisomy 21.  I remember a lot of feelings but the one that kept me going was just looking at Logan and thinking to myself that really nothing had changed from that 2 minute phone call; he is still our son and all we have to do is love him.

Logan over the past 10 years has taught us more than we could EVER teach him.  He has been and incredible positive influence not just over our family but our community as a whole.  When we are out in the community as a family we have people come up all the time and say hi to Logan who we don’t even know.  We have always said if everyone saw the world through Logan’s eyes it would be a better place, and I truly believe it.

Logan has excelled in his academics.  He is currently in the 4th grade, in the typical classroom over 80% of the day, and has formed great friendships with many children in every class he attends.  He also plays baseball, horseback rides and loves to swim.  His empathy makes him a really neat kid.  He is aware of your feelings at all times and will try to please or cheer you up if he thinks you are down.

It has not always been easy.  There were times when I thought milestones would never be reached. Logan has always proved me wrong and has never given up and we haven’t either. When he reaches a new milestone or brings home an A on a test, I could not be prouder.  It is always twice the work but well worth every minute. We have learned to enjoy everything, even the little things, and I think that is a great lesson to learn from our incredible son.

~ Cheryl, Logan’s Mother

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